Define: Ordered Chaos

Ordered chaos, an interior design technique generally used for pieces of art, knick knacks, or collective structures. Used primarily as an arrangement technique. This can also be applied to science: under the right conditions, chaos spontaneously evolves into a lockstep pattern. This definition can still be used in the interior design technique as shown in the picture above, under the right conditions chaos in artwork can evolve into its own pattern. In old Latin, “ordo ab chao”. What is interesting about ordered chaos is that it seems that each individual words negates the other, but in fact they work together to create a whole new expression. While chaos means complete disorder and confusion, ordered means arrange something in a methodical or appropriate way. What ordered does to chaos in the expression is arranges it in a uniform way, but at the same time keeping an ambiguous pattern. Ordered chaos in interior decorating is all about intuition or “gut feeling”.


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