How Can an Advertisement Tell a Future?

Walking past the corner of 19th and Broadway there are an array of beautiful pink bedrooms, boudoirs, dining rooms, and living rooms on display for ABC Carpet and Homes. They are strategically arranged to show just enough of “living in” and just enough of newness. In some way, this advertisement serves as a way for them to predict your future. They want someone to look into these window displays and see what their apartment or house could look like– a fantastical, perfectly chaotic place. From the delicate fairy lights to the antique-inspired coffee table this advertisement is most certainly eye catching. The average New Yorker sees this and admires the sheer aesthetic of it all. They draw these people into what could be, what they could have as long as they walk into their store. It is a perfectly acceptable and innovative form of advertisement, and, in its own way, tells a future.


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