Define: Font

Font as defined by Google: “a set of type of one particular face and size”.

Font as defined by a stranger on 5th avenue: “the way you type words into Microsoft Word, you know, like your style and the style of the words you’re trying to send out.. kind of like a subjective message.” Font as defined by Wikipedia: “a particular size, weight and style of a modern usage…’font’ is synonymous with ‘typeface'”. Font as defined by a worker at Steve Madden: “basically the way your letters turn out, like, their style, if you look at the font of Steve Madden out front you can tell the style is simple and straight forward– kind of like the shoes we carry”. Font can really define a brand in that it carries weight on how it catches the eye of potentially customers and tells a little tale about what kind of style or personality you can find in the brand.


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