Self Expression in the Form of Clothing

What can clothes tell others about an individual? Do dark colors correspond with an edgy personality? Do patterns correspond with a vibrant person? What people choose from a variety of clothes at any old Forever 21 will later be used as a “second skin”. By this, what is meant is that clothes express an outer layer of yourself while simultaneously representing some part of people inside. A fur coat can be used to show off an extravagant, fashion forward archetype while a simple t-shirt and jeans can express a non-chalant, relaxed vibe. Even the colors that are worn can express hidden parts of a person. All black will send a message of cool and edgy while brighter colors can show a light-hearted aspect of a person. It is important to note the message that an outfit chosen by someone will tell because it gives them another dimension through which to find their personality and who they really are.


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