An Analysis of a Wall of Art

“The biggest outlaws in this town…might be the KEY to saving it. The Black Keys.”

Art has always been the most effective form of the communication of the self. What is most interesting is too analyze how this applies to someone’s room. At an apartment in the Upper East Side, there are a wide range of differently sized art pieces resting on top of a white wall. Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth in a postcard form tells the viewer this person is interested in American art and realism. A large poster of Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn tells the viewer that the person must love older movies and potentially the actress/model Hepburn herself. An image of a cover page for “The New Yorker” tells the viewer they are passionate about the city they live in. Little does this person know how their intentionally chosen art pieces can speak miles of them as a person.


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