Tattoo Stigma & How to Defeat Them

Currently, at the New York Historical Society there is an exhibit on display titled “Tattooed New York”. Righteously named, visitors can find a great many displays of tattoos and their history in New York spread out along the walls. You can find people of all ages and walks of life coming into the exhibit and admiring pictures of people with tattoos down their entire backs or bodies. The question, however, stands: how come the majority of people do not have this same attitude towards tattoos outside of an exhibit? Regardless of what can be said about the advances that have been made towards the acceptance of tattoos as a form of art, it is still well known that tattoos have a negative connotation. It seems that the stereotype is that a professional could not possibly have a tattoo, or that those who have tattoos out in the open will also be openly judged by people walking down the street. This exhibit takes a stand towards humanity becoming more agreeable towards tattoos by involving people in its history and also by connecting it specifically to New York. This is the way to handle the challenge. Involve people in the background of tattoos and allow them to see the true quality and art pieces that people happen to be putting on their bodies. If you can admire a Picasso, why must it be so different to see it on a human body?


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