Korilla: the Restaurant and the Art Mirage

Every day I have passed by this tall building with tiger stripes paint. I turn the corner walking away from Astor Place and towards the corner of Saint Marks Place and 3rd Ave and I look out to see massive orange and black stripes. As Lewis Caroll once said “curiouser and curiouser” I got as I kept marveling and wondering at what this place really was. Yet, I never got close to it because the air of mystery almost amused me. One day, I decided that once and for all I would finally stop at this place to figure out what it encompassed and what it held inside. I would soon find out it was a Korean BBQ place which was to my surprise. My perspective had shifted from a cool, trendy art display to something so humane as a restaurant which was a huge shift in my mentality and greatly affected my ability to imagine the area. The thought occurred to me and kind of stuck– a person, place, or thing can be anything under the sun to you as long as it isn’t confined to a label.


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