Featured: Matt Evert

“Of course I believe in vibes. I think this room is all about vibes. I want to make my life a work of art and if it gets furthered by every piece in this room then let it. They each tell small tales, they tell you about tiny moments in the expanse of my life. I want this room to feel completely welcome to all walks of life and people and I want to be able to get to know them in this space as well. So why put up a facade, why not let the things in this room speak for themselves?”

Arriving into a residential college apartment of someone you had met maybe a few days before will speak miles to his character and style more than a beginner’s small talk. A glimpse at a dropped hat and a trendy scarf will tell you he is fashionable. A surrealist Dalí poster taped to the wall will tell you he is a dreamer and welcomes the opinions/ideas of others (as much as Dalí’s work is open to interpretation and symbolism). Items as human as an empty Rice Krispy box, Pop Tart box, and a microwave will tell you of a 19 year old’s appetite. When Matt let me into his room, he knew exactly what atmosphere his room was giving off and invited me to be a part of it. Therefore I can easily assume that his intentions regarding the presentation of the room (i.e. “vibes”) to outsiders was to show it as it really was–inviting, thought-provoking, and above all a comfortable way to get to know him. Do I believe that each of these parts and pieces, these objects, affected the message the environment gave off in the way that he wanted it to? Undoubtedly.


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