Think Coffee = Think Hip

Walking along 3rd Ave, a bright neon sign flashed by my eye and I immediately stopped in my tracks (to the annoyance of the New Yorkers behind me) and stared into a neon sign stating think coffee. The first thoughts into my head were “this place looks cool”, “should I go inside?”, and “this would be the perfect piece for my blog”. These neon signs have been seen in, one could say, a new art movement in which the cutting edge, fresh, and young cultivate into a number of differently worded signs. One could say that it is the aesthetic attraction of hipsters looking to acquire the ideal Instagram or Tumblr feed. It is obvious that the marketer of this coffee shop knew these things and therefore knew exactly what kind of person to attract when he/she created the bright, edgy sign seen on both sides of the coffee shop. This kind of person was seen sitting all throughout the cafe as I entered. This person was THE hip New Yorker, constantly on a coffee buzz and looking for an alternative to the overrated Starbucks to exchange for something new and “different”. When I looked at that sign all I saw was the new, the different, and the hip and was therefore attracted to it and felt the sudden urge to integrate myself into this environment and in turn the marketer of Think Coffee got exactly what he/she wanted as well– a new customer.


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