Featured: Kaylee Warren

On Madison Square: “The atmosphere was very warm, despite the 38 degree weather, and alive yet at the same time peaceful. I felt very relaxed and content, it was a very inviting area.”

Sitting in Madison Square reminded Kaylee of her carefree days in childhood as families walked by with big dogs and strollers in tow. She remembered her mom taking to her to public parks and letting her run around. “These were some of my happiest moments as a kid, somehow sitting here sends me back to that time by just watching these families.” Kaylee’s thoughts were spot on with what developers had in mind. When creating a public park, the general target is to create a friendly environment, one in which you and your family can walk through (or in Kaylee’s case reminisce on your own childhood). Parks are meant to feel welcoming to all walks of life as long as those gathered create a safe, peaceful environment. With the incorporation of an object as simple as a bench, it begins the transformation of what once was an empty space to a welcoming one– one that says “hey, sit down a moment and watch life happen”.


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